Stance+ Wheel Spacers

VW Transporter [T4]

Stance+ Alloy Wheel Spacers are well known worldwide for their outstanding quality and value. Manufactured to exacting standards, these lightweight wheel spacers are CNC machined from billet 6061 T6 aircraft grade alloy and are extremely easy to fit to your vehicle.

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Stance+ Wheel Spacers are supplied in pairs.

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Thickness is the individual spacer thickness.

VWVW Transporter (T4)
1990-2003 (T4)
Kit contains two hub centric spacers which bolt to the hub using bolts supplied. The wheel then bolts to the spacer using your existing wheel bolts. Please check that your wheel bolts will not pass through the spacer before fitting as this will cause damage to the spacer thread. Maximum torque setting for wheel bolts: 110 NM (Newton Metre).
Centre Bore57.1
Spacer SystemB+
Bolt SizeM14x1.5
Warranty1 Year

System A / System A Centric Wheel Spacers

System (A) wheel spacers are designed to fit onto the hub using either your standard wheel bolts or new, longer aftermarket wheel bolts. Most of the time any size up to 5mm width will mean you can use the factory bolts, any larger than 5mm and you will need to buy longer bolts. When you purchase a spacer 13mm or larger they will be machined with a hub locator. This ensures the weight of the car rests on the axle and not just on the wheel bolts and is known as a hub centric spacer.

System (A) - Supplied as a pair of flat spacers. Anodised for extra weather protection and laser etched with the Stance Plus logo. Bolts not included.

System (A Centric) - Supplied as a pair of flat spacers with a hub locating ring. Anodised for extra weather protection and laser etched with the Stance Plus logo. Bolts not included.

System B+ Wheel Spacers

The system B+ wheel spacers are bolted onto the hub first using bolts (supplied in the kit) and then you bolt your wheel to the spacer using your existing wheel bolts. This type of spacer is only used on the thicker spacers (20mm upwards). System B+ uses additional steel inserts for even extra strength, safety and longer life. Anodised for extra weather protection and laser etched with the Stance Plus logo.

Fitting Wheel Spacers

When fitting wheel spacers you must first ensure the surface you are fitting the spacer to is clean and free from dirt and dust particles. We recommend using a wire brush to prepare the surface. Brush on a small amount of copper grease to prevent the spacer from dislocating when you fit the wheel and help prevent rust on the hub. Tighten the wheel bolts to the factory torque settings.

Which wheel spacers will fit my car?

When buying wheel spacers it is up to you to be sensible and buy spacers that will not cause tyre/arch contact. Simply measure the space you have between tyre and arch then give yourself an approximate 5mm safety gap. For example if the distance between the tyre and arch is 20mm, order a 15mm or smaller spacer.

Will I need longer wheel bolts for my wheel spacers?

If you are purchasing System A or System A centric wheel spacers these do not come with longer bolts so any spacer over 5mm you will require longer wheel bolts. When purchasing longer wheel bolts simply measure the length of the standard factory wheel bolt then add the width of the spacer you are fitting, this will give you the required bolt length. For example, if the factory fit bolts are 28mm long and your fitting 13mm spacers you will require 41mm (28mm+13mm) wheel bolts. A bolt measuring a few millimetres too long is usually not a problem.

If you are purchasing System B+ spacers then all the necessary wheel bolts are included in the kit, so no need to buy extra bolts. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Always test fit the spacer/adapter to the back of the wheel before bolting the spacer/adapter to your hub. This will ensure the wheel bolts you are using do not poke through the back of the spacer/adapter. If they do you will need to shorten the wheel bolts.

If you are unsure please call for advice. Using wheel bolts that are too long may damage the ABS ring found on some cars. If you are unsure of what spacer/bolt combination to use please call us before ordering, we are always here to help.

Please make sure you order the correct size of spacer for your car, we cannot accept returned spacers once they have been fitted to a vehicle.


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